Handwriting - Quick and Easy

To start a ticket, simply begin typing the customer's last name, select them from the Customer List,
select the appropriate vehicle and click [CREATE TICKET].

You have the option to search by Name, Phone, Plate or VIN.

Type in the part's description or look it up with just a click - the choice is yours!
Then enter quantity and pricing, if necessary.
To enter labor, type in or look up a labor description and then enter hours.

Bay-masteR will price out your ticket immedietly.
Surcharges and discounts (by customer) are also built into Bay-masteR.

On the estimate summary screen you can click general repair to begin your ticket. Choose your parts supplier from your master list and double click or press “select”. Now you are automatically connected to your parts supplier within the Bay-masteR software and you can see if the part is available in your warehouse. Then, from the same screen, you can now select your part and corresponding labor.
Once saved you’ll be on your job detail page and can change parts and pricing, select your technician and much more. Once back on the estimate summary screen you will see your job totals displayed neatly under the totals tab on the right hand side.