More Features - Profit Analysis & Margins

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Profitability tops the list for any business, especially the service industry. In such a competitive market monitoring your costs, expenses and profits couldn't be any more important. In conjunction with our Reporting option the profit and margins analysis give you everything you need to maximize profits with the click of a button. This feature allows you to monitor profitability of individual jobs and you are able to easily see if your margins are high enough and identify repairs you may not be charging enough for. With our Sales Margin price Matrix you have the ability to edit and save your margins and markups, which is going to automatically calculate the retail price of parts and ensure your business is charging the correct amount and remaining profitable. Knowing the difference between margins and markup is very important, they may seem similar, but couldn't be more different. Margins - A margin is the percentage difference between the retail cost and the profit. Generally speaking, low cost parts will have a higher margin and high cost parts will have a lower margin. Markup - Markups are the percentage difference between the wholesale cost and the retail cost. Typically, low cost parts will have a higher markup percentage while higher cost parts will have a lower markup percentage. Bay-masteR's Sales Margin Price Matrix gives you the option to adjust the margin itself or enter your shop's current retail price for that part cost and the margin will recalculate for you. Price sets allow you to set different rates that you can use for different types of customers (walk-ins, loyal customers, fleets, etc.). Profit Analysis & Margins can benefit your shop in many ways: monitor your profit & margins, make adjustments as necessary and watch your bottom line profitability grow!