More Features - Marketing

Target your audience Select the message you want to send Select a date range for each service Email,Print, or Export the List of customers

How are you getting customers into your shop? Are you doing enough to bring your customers back? With Bay-MasteR's CRM (customer relationship management) Marketing feature you can actively not only generate new business, but retain past customers as well.

At your fingertips are up to date reminders that will target past-due customers to bring them back in for preventative maintenance, oil changes, and more. You can instantly generate post cards that will help increase business revenue, inform your customers of upcoming specials, generate custom coupons for mass mailing and even send out service reminders.

The CRM feature will even track your marketing return on investment, showing sales generated from marketing and even integrates seamlessly with MechanicNet. This allows MechanicNet to put all reminders, including those that are past due, as well as recommendations to be sent out to your customers.