More Features - More

Bay-masteR offers features not found in many other packages.
These are just a few of the features you may want to help your shop run more efficiently.

Now for the best, and easiest part. Taking a payment from your customer in Bay-MasteR is just as simple as you would expect. Select the customer's preferred payment method (cash, check, credit card and split payment) and click apply payment and confirm.
That's it. The ticket is now paid and once end of day is run the ticket will be moved into your history and can be viewed again at any time.

Each ticket, or work order, displays individual work groups each on their own line. This includes the full breakdown of the parts and labor for easy viewing. Surcharges and discounts even have their own space on the ticket, keeping everything neat and streamlined.
One of our most popular features are our customer forms. Bay-masteR offers custom printing options to customize your invoices so you can produce professional looking tickets with your shop's information, logo and company affiliates. A quick and easy way to spread your shop's branding!