High Performance - Mobile App

Bay-masteR’s mobile app allows techs to communicate with the shop about the tickets they are working on, no matter where they are. Using checklists and notes, a tech can update the progress on a job in just seconds.

Bay-masteR Phone App for tablets & smart phones

The technician can see all the tickets he is assigned to and each technician can see only the tickets they are assigned to.

After selecting a ticket, a list of the jobs in progress is displayed.

CheckLists allow you to see the status of any item with the use of a color-coded system.
You can edit the available CheckLists by simply tapping the green pencil icon.

On the notes page you can view the Service Writer and Technician Notes.
A note can be added by selecting Add New Note.
There is no limit on how long the note can be and you can even print the note on the ticket.

On the parts page, technicians can add or modify parts for a job.

On the labor screen, you can easily update labor times and notes while also explaining what needs to be done.

With the optional time card module, you can even have your techs clock in or out of a job right from their smart phones.
Scan license plates or VINs using the Bay-masteR mobile app to quickly create a new ticket. Bay-masteR will automatically decode them and create a ticket right on your desktop!