High Performance - Preventative Maintenance

The best way to keep a constant flow or work coming in to your shop is Preventative Maintenance. By the press of a button you can see all suggested work that is due for the vehicle, overdue, or upcoming for the vehicle based on its mileage.

Once you select a PM job you would like to add to the ticket the OE parts will then be matched with aftermarket parts directly from your supplier.

Now with just a few simple clicks you have added the parts and labor for the selected PM jobs.

One of Bay-masteR’s most popular features among our loyal customers is our preventative maintenance feature. The PM service pulls from Motor’s recommended mileage services for your shop to offer a complete preventative service option to your client. Saving them future headaches and making you some extra money!
Once you select PM Scheduled Service from your estimate summary screen your shop is directly connected to MOTOR PM schedules. Bay-masteR is going to pull in the recommended work based on the vehicle’s mileage. You also have instant access to the vehicle’s past history so you don’t accidentally repeat a PM job.
By connecting to the shop vendor’s online catalog you can now even select the parts necessary to complete the PM work. The printed ticket will show the items replaced and labor services performed.