This screen allows you to select the type of e-mail method you want the system to use. If you do not have an email application on your desktop, download a free version of Thunderbird


SMTP Server

POP Server

  Requires SSL/TLS Connection Host Port Requires SSL/TLS Connection Host Port
AOL Yes smtp.aol.com 587 Yes pop.aol.com 995
Comcast Yes smtp.comcast.net 587 Yes mail.comcast.net 995
Gmail Yes smtp.gmail.com 587 Yes pop.gmail.com 995
Hotmail/Live Yes smtp.live.com 587 Yes pop3.live.com 995
Outlook.com Yes smtp-mail.outlook.com 25 Yes pop-mail.outlook.com 995
Verizon Yes smtp.verizon.net 465 Yes pop.verizon.net 995
Yahoo Yes smtp.mail.yahoo.com 465 or 587 Yes pop.mail.yahoo.com 995