Bay-masteR updates

Before Installing
  1. Make sure Windows Updates have been installed.
  2. Reboot your computer.
  3. Make an Archive Backup of your data.
  4. Close/Exit Bay-masteR.
  5. Make sure no other programs are running.
Multi-User Server
  1. Make sure everyone is out of the system.
  2. Install Update onto the SERVER first.
  3. When it is DONE, start Bay-masteR on the SERVER.
  4. Let the program complete its normal startup.
  5. When the Open Tickets or Scheduling screen appears, you know it has started-up successfully.
Multi-User Client
  1. AFTER the server has successfully STARTED Bay-masteR
  2. Start Bay-master on a CLIENT computer.
  3. The CLIENT should update itself to this newer version automatically.
  4. IF, for some reason, it does not, you can manually install this same download onto the client to force it to the newer version.
  5. REPEAT this process for each client.

Windows XP User, please click here for important XP retirement information

To download the latest update, CLICK HERE

For new install,use this link

If directed to this page for a Special Update by Technical Support, click here for links.