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Bay-masteR Accounts Receivable!

With the new Bay-masteR Cloud we offer Bay-masteR Accounting which allows you to track customers that owe you money by using the payment due tab (this is when the vehicle leaves the shop but you need to track the invoice until its paid) as well using reports such as full Customer and Vehicle Summary or Aged Analysis to keep track of every dollar owed to you.


The new accounting reports will keep you one step ahead, make sure you don't let your hard earned money walk out the door!.We now offer an Invoices due report by customer and for fleets by vehicle. Print out statements with past due amounts and an aged analysis detail or summary report by customer.


You can stay on top of current vehicles as well as the past 30, 60, and 90 days of payment due customers so you will never forget what is owed to your shop, our accounts reporting will handle all of that.


We know things can get hectic at times, use our accounts reporting , Bay-masteR won't let you lose a dime! Don't delay get started today!