Automotive Repair Shop Software And Labor Data | Bay-masteR
Shop Management Software

App Advanced Features

All the high performance advanced features of Bay-masteR software. Such as Digital Inspection, Texting, Timecard, Labor data


Preventative Maintenance

Use MOTORs OEM Preventative Maintenance to automatically generate;

  • Recommended repairs based on mileage

  • Labor Hours of the repair

  • Required Skill level

  • Part lists and price quotes.

This information will help generate business as well as upsell recommended repairs. Find out information such as;

  • When to change filters

  • Inspect hoses

  • Inspect belts

  • And much more!



Unlimited texting to your customers!

Create pre-made texts to send based on current ticket status

  • Send texts right from ticket for quicker approvals

  • Receive texts back from customers

  • All sent/received texts are date and time stamped

  • All texts are saved to ticket for future reference

  • View all texts from Texts tab in ticket

  • Print all texts showing approval with date and time stamp on invoice in lieu of signature

  • All texts contain your shop name and phone number


    Track invoiced customers and keep track of charge accounts


For fleets and trucks, offers up to 18 workgroups, extended fleet pricing, cost per mile and service due reports.

Online Parts Ordering

Integrate your part suppliers directly into your Bay-masteR System to save you time!


Digital Inspection Forms

(Free with custom jobs!)

  • Completely Customizable inspections for your shops individual needs

  • Full Tablet and mobile device support

  • Prints alongside jobs on invoices

  • Show recommended inspection and repair alongside a quote for the repair

  • Save with the ticket in history to be able to reference in the future

  • Can be as short or as long as needed with no limits

Use with a tablet to speed up inspections and show customers!

QuickBooks Interface

Import all of your data into your QuickBooks System.

TimeCard Modual

Clock technicians and mechanics into work.

Charge It Pro Integration

Integrate directly with Charge it Pros Credit Card integration and terminals