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Shop Management Software

App Basics

Everything you need to know about the basics of the Bay-masteR software.



Add your parts to inventory which you can then search by item#, vendor#, manufacturer#, description, category or department

  • You can link vendors to each part

  • Enter department codes

  • Add cost and set multiple retail price levels

  • Track item deliveries

  • Track item sales history

  • Set minimum and maximum stock quantities

  • Create purchase orders

  • Process deliveries

  • Create Item/Department Links

  • Run inventory reports such as:

    • Price/Cost/Profit

    • Parts in Use

    • Top Sellers

    • Physical Count Sheets

    • Quantity on Hand

    • Accounting History

End of Day With Reporting

Allows you to choose when you would like to process your completed tickets and generate account for reports such as;

End of Day Summary

  • Daily Labor*

  • Payment Detail*

  • Delivery Report*

  • Daily Item Maintenance

  • Track Part Groups

  • Print Paid Work Orders

  • Tax Report

  • Cost Report

  • Source of Lead Report

  • Logging Report (log changes made to a ticket)

  • Service Writer Report

  • Technician Profit Reports.

  • Deleted Tickets

  • *Report can be exported to a CSV file

Labor Tracking

Track your technicians hours as well as any shop hours

Add Technicians by name or number

  • Add Service Writers

  • Add Technician License Info

  • Set billable rate

  • Set cost/hour

  • Assign techs to jobs

  • Generate Daily Labor Report

Custom Jobs

Allows multiple jobs on invoices as well as a wide selection of premade and custom jobs.

Make any job you need and save valuable time writing up tickets

  • Pre-set all parts needed for each job

  • Pre-set any labor times and descriptions for each job

  • Set a supplier to automatically search each parts availability when job is added to ticket

  • Set Quoted Pricing for Parts, Labor or Total

  • Keep all Jobs organized using Master Jobs/Detail Lists/Itemized Detail Lists

  • Set appropriate Sales Groups for accurate tracking/reporting

  • Set appropriate Service Types for tracking and service reminders

  • Set surcharges to individual jobs

  • Choose if surcharges apply to parts, labor or both

  • Update Labor Rates for ALL Jobs with a single click

  • Create custom Oil Change packages


Use the cloud software, freeing you to not worry about networking or backups

Don’t worry about backups or networking! cloud based software for maximum security.

Base Package

The Base Package includes the basic features that are needed to use shop management software such as;

  • Enter Tread/PSI/Pad readings which can be tracked

  • Set your Sales Tax

  • Set credit limits for your customers

  • Add vehicle recommendations

  • Enter Customer instructions

  • Manage and track sources of leads

  • Set discounts and surcharges

  • Convert estimates to work orders by changing the ticket’s status

  • Record payments

  • Email invoices

  • Customize service intervals and track your different services

  • Set multiple sales groups

  • Personalize your disclaimer

  • Add customer or vehicle printing notes as well as internal notes

  • Sort tickets by Ticket#, Name, Notes, Vehicle, Plate#, etc.

  • Bay-masteR will even remember previously Quoted Jobs for you!

Compare with other Auto Shop Management Software such as; Mitchell One, RO Writer, MaxxTraxx, and ShopBoss.

Full History

Full History

Allows full access to view/print/email all tickets in history. You can even narrow it down to just a particular month.

Compare with other Auto Shop Management Software such as; Mitchell One, RO Writer, MaxxTraxx, and ShopBoss.


Use our scheduling feature for a more organized, efficient shop.

  • Set your shop hours

  • Set days the shop is

  • Add as many bays as you wish

  • Name them as you wish

  • Print the Schedule

  • Tickets are color coded based on the current tickets’ status

  • Set Committed Times for time sensitive vehicles

  • View by any Day, Week or Month

  • Load ticket from scheduler

  • Create a new ticket directly from the scheduler

  • Schedule a ticket from the ticket itself

Quick Lube

Save time and money by using this feature to quickly pull any LOF information needed.

Get access to;

  • Oil Specs

  • Oil Capacity

  • Oil Filter

  • Any other fluid recommendations needed

  • And with the use of SEC you are also able to pull in

    • Air Filter

    • Fuel Filter

Online Ordering

Integrate your part suppliers directly into your Bay-masteR System to save you time!