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Cloud Benefits

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Have you ever needed to check on a work order from home?

With The Bay-masteR Cloud you are able to have us worry about all of the technical stuff while you access your program from any Windows Computer.

Have you ever had a network problem stopping you from using a client?
As long as you have internet access, you will have your Bay-masteR!

Are you worried about your data being backed up?

With The Bay-masteR Cloud you can rest easy knowing that our skilled staff will take care of backing up all of your data. In the event of an emergency where you lose your computer, we can have you up and running on a new machine in less than 30 minutes with all of your Bay-masteR data!

Save money on computer upgrades!

By implementing The Bay-masteR Cloud in your system you will save money on having to upgrade your computers. Our servers will take over a majority of Bay-masteRs workload, allowing you to use more cost-effective machines.

How It Works

Bay-masteR Cloud allows you to connect to our servers and use Bay-masteR!  All of the estimates you create are saved and backed-up on our dedicated servers for your convenience. One reason our cloud server is a great investment is that you can access it anywhere! While at home, at the shop, or traveling you can still work on tickets or run your sales reports - whenever it is convenient for you! If you would like us to do the setup for you please give sales a call when you are ready to go over this wonderful deal!

Contact sales today to find out more!