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How do you bring your customers back?

Service Reminders!

Windshield Stickers
remind your customers about you every day!
While the typical oil sticker tells the customer when the next oil change is due, Bay-masteR stickers can also remind the customer what Services, P.M.'s and Quoted work still needs to be done.
Let Bay-masteR help you keep those repeat customers and bring them back sooner!

Take advantage of our exclusive
Oil Change Sticker Printer Starter Kit Promotion!

Oil Change Stickers are one of the most effective and innovating marketing tools. They provide such beneficial service that a customer not only appreciates, but also values.


At Bay-masteR we are dedicated to helping our customers succeed and take their business to the next level!

After you purchase your Printer, we also offer replacement Stickers and Ribbon (pricing is as follows):


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