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Payment Due

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With the NEW Bay-masteR Cloud - use our accounts receivable features!

Bay-masteR's New Payment Due Tab

This allows you to process a finished ticket through End of Day even though it is awaiting payment. Bay-masteR will still keep a copy of the ticket open for you to process payment when payment is received.


When the vehicle is finished, just set the ticket status as Invoiced and the sale will run through your next End of Day. A Pmt Due ticket will be created and stored in this tab until payment is received.


Once customer is in the Payment due tab--you can now print/preview Accounts receivable reports for those customers.


The program will automatically generate a copy of your ticket with the original ticket number referenced in the Note column.


When you receive payment, process as usual. After the next End of Day, the ticket will be in History with the original processing date.


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