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Quick Lube

 By clicking the LOF Button you can choose which Oil Change Package you will be performing

 Set up as many Custom Oil Change Packages as you wish

 Bay-masteR will automatically look up your Vendor availability for an Oil Filter plus you can set it to look up Fuel Filter, Air Filter or Cabin Air Filter. 

If you are using our Inventory feature, it will show you if you have any in your own stock as well 

You can order directly from this screen, or save to the ticket as an Estimate 

When doing one of your Oil Change Packages, Bay-masteR will show you what oils you have available in stock 

You can also view how many quarts of oil this particular vehicle requires, and the weight of oil recommended.  

Bay-masteR will even ask you how many quarts of oil you will be billing the customer 

Bay-masteR knows when to charge for extra quarts of oil not included in your package, and filters that exceed dollar amount to be included 

Present your customers with a Complete and Detailed Oil Change Invoice 

View all Fluid Capacities and Viscosities