James B.

I demoed Bay-masteR along with several other software brands. I chose Bay-masteR. Bay-masteR is one of the easiest & quickest software programs I have used to write & complete a ticket. I like that it keeps parts & labor for each job on ticket in groups separating each group on the ticket. Some programs I have tried places the parts & labor all run together so you don’t know what part goes with what labor, making it confusing. Having separate jobs makes it so that I can make several jobs or estimates on a ticket. Then while on the phone with the customer and trying to sell multiple repairs I can select or deselect each job giving the customer different options and pricing. The software automatically updates pricing as selecting & deselecting work, making getting approval for work easy. Also the repairs that the customer does not approve are saved as quotes & will load onto the new ticket the next time customer returns. I love the texting feature. It helps a lot. I like the inventory feature also. I use the program to order my parts through NAPA prolink. Great customer service & tech support. I like using the software. Would recommend.

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