Jim O.

How many companies that sell shop management software listen to the end user? Of the few that listen how many entertain the thought of implementing a change based on a comment from the end user? Over the years this company has always been receptive in hearing and reviewing my suggestions, following up with required dialogue and in many cases implementing a change accordingly. We are all in this together and they understand that we, the end user of their product, may see or envision a change that could be an improvement. Their open minded, approachable business model has always impressed me. Their support staff is excellent and responsive to all of my needs. A recently released cloud version includes small changes that overall make it better than the old version. The texting feature found on both versions is great way to improve customer communication and efficiency with very little effort. Direct interfaces with our suppliers eliminates unproductive phone orders and price/part number entry mistakes. We are producing accurate, easy to understand invoices with very little effort. Customer communication has improved with our ability to send canned text messaging quickly and easily.

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