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Tech Tip Power Settings

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The Newest Windows 10 Update changes important computer settings.

Last week Windows made a forced update that ran overnight without rebooting. This update changes several power settings that may negatively affect computers, particularly server machines.

To begin fixing these, type "power and sleep settings" in your start menu.

After that select the best match option. 


Afterward, set "Sleep" to "Never"


When you have set that, select "Additional Power Settings"


When that loads select "Change Plan Settings" next to whichever plan option you have selected.


From there select "Hard Disk" and verify that "turn off hard disk after" is set to 0 seconds. 

After that is done select OK and return to the power options screen, and then select "choose what the power buttons do"


When you are in the system settings for power buttons, make sure "when I press the power button" is set to "shut down".


Afterward, set "turn on fast startup" to off by un-checking it. This step may require you to have a prompt as seen below.


If you have any questions on this feel free to call support at