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Tech Data Provided by MOTOR

The best Tech Data around provided by MOTOR, compare with Alldata, Identifix, and get access to repair procedures, vehicle information, and much more!

Tech Data
Powered By MOTOR

PM Guides

Use MOTORs OEM Preventative Maintenance to automatically generate;

  • Recommended repairs based on mileage

  • Labor Hours of the repair

  • Required Skill level

  • Part lists and price quotes.

This information will help generate business as well as upsell recommended repairs. Find out information such as;

  • When to change filters

  • Inspect hoses

  • Inspect belts

  • And much more!

DTC Codes

It's time to improve your diagnosis game. Quickly find out what DTCs mean by decoding them within our program. Let your customers know for sure that you can troubleshoot their warning lights on their dash

Component Locations

Original OEM Component Locations

  • Component locations as published from multiple OEMs

  • Retrieve component locations independently of other data sets

  • Accurately identify parts

  • Multiple views to ease identification

  • View a single image or groups of images

  • Includes image legends where applicable

  • Search by system, group, subgroup, and component name***

  • Access image-intensive data in mobile applications

  • Educate technicians on part locations

Wheel Alignment Specs

Make sure your customers' wheels are up to spec by looking up the appropriate information using MOTORs wheel alignment specifications listed below;

  • Ball Joint

  • Suspension Height

  • Alignment Adjustment

  • Code Reference

  • Ride Height

  • Alignment Variations

  • Wheel Base & Tread Width

Brake Specs

Caliper Information

  • Tightening Torque

  • Lining Information

    • Proper Thickness

  • Rotor Information

    • Proper Thickness

    • Allowable Parallel Variation

    • Nominal Thickness

    • Discard Thickness

  • Wheel Information

    • Nut/Bolt Torque

OEM Parts and Labor

Save time by quickly building your estimate by jumping straight into the specific section of your MOTOR catalog.

  • Generate OEM Parts and Labor Pricing

  • Show alongside your specific vendors and shop pricing and let your customers pick the price point they choose

  • Show estimated work times

  • Save time by generating a quote almost instantly!


Repair Procedures

Access to MOTORs Catalog of repair procedures to know exactly how to perform the repair.

  • Service procedures for the most commonly serviced components

  • Supports 1990+ domestic and import light-duty vehicles for the US market

  • Easy to learn and retain

  • Well-suited for display on mobile devices

  • Searchable for quickly finding the procedure


Don't get blindisded! Track any TSBs for your customers car using MOTORs Technical Service Bulletin. Be up to date on anything you need to know. Manufacturer TSBs included!

Wiring Diagrams

OEM wiring diagrams, fuse panels, and symbol identification

  • Supports 1990+ domestic and import light-duty vehicles for the US market

  • Easy to navigate and find the information needed

  • Search by portion of system name for rapid and accurate selection

  • Troubleshoot electrical problems

  • Identify splices and connectors

  • Educate customers by easily showing them where the fault has occurred

Tune Up Specs

Using MOTORs Tune up Specifications you can make sure that the vehicles Sensors are working correctly and make sure it is running smoothly;

  • Airflow Sensors

  • Engine Compression,

  • Engine Torque

  • Brakes

  • And much more!

Check any specification for the proper;

  • Compression PSI

  • Torque

  • Resistances

  • As well as any other needed specification

Steering And Suspension

Over tightening parts can cause pre-mature wear and tear and failure. Use MOTORs Steering and Suspension Torque Spcifications to make sure you are getting it just right

Quick Lube

Save time and money by using this feature to quickly pull any LOF information needed. Get access to;

  • Oil Specs

  • Oil Capacity

  • Oil Filter

  • Any other fluid recommendations needed

  • And with the use of SEC you are also able to pull in

    • Air Filter

    • Fuel Filter