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Tire Guide

Bay-masteR's Tire Guide

Did you know your Bay-masteR comes with it's own Tire Guide

You can access it by simply clicking on your Tire button from the Estimate Summary screen.

Bay-masteR will look up the tires for the vehicle being worked on


...AND even has the capability of showing your suppliers availability and with the optional Inventory module it will let you know if you have any tires in your own stock, calculating prices based on today's cost.


By clicking any Tire in the list you can see all Fitment Information and Tire Specs


You can even customize your own Tire Packages to automatically include all items needed:


Your Tire Guide is FREE, and ready to get set up!

Why put it off any longer?

Get your Tire Guide set up today!

CALL SALES: (800)922-2378 for any additional information.